About Me

My computer experience dates back to 1980 with my first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, the predecessor to the very popular Commodore 64. My business computer experience began in 1987 in TV commercial production. I used an Amiga 2000 computer to add text and logos to commercials.

My experiences in computers and Information Technology include the following:

  • Network Administrator for a large corporation. I designed and maintained the computer network and telephone system at one of the corporation's divisions.

  • Computer systems and networks. I have setup, maintained and upgraded computer systems and networks for homes and businesses. Some of these businesses include: doctors, banks, attorneys, automotive repair shops, car dealerships, churches, insurance companies, retail stores and government agencies.

  • School computer systems. I have worked in several multi-site school systems in Tennessee. I have extensive knowledge and experience with school computer networks, as well as the computer needs of faculty and staff.

  • Video editing and production. I worked for a company in Memphis that aired local TV commercials on four cable networks. My responsibilities were to film, edit and setup automated systems that aired the TV commercials.