Standard Services

This is a detailed summary of some of the computer services that I offer. If you are in need of a type of computer service that is not listed, please contact me with your request.

  • Troubleshooting, repairs and upgrades

    From locating the source of an error message to system repairs and upgrades.
    All makes and models of desktop and laptop computers, Windows and Mac systems.

  • Complete removal of viruses and/or spyware

    Common symptoms of an infected computer are: Slow or degraded performance, numerous pop-ups/messages and frequent program/system crashes.

  • Data Migration

    Transfer of data, such as e-mail, documents, music and pictures from one computer to another.

  • Backup Solutions

    A backup solution is essential for protecting your important data. I can design and implement an affordable and customized backup solution for your data and/or a disaster recovery solution for your computer(s).

  • Data Recovery

    Recovery of data that has been deleted or inaccessible. This includes non-bootable systems, external hard drives, USB flash drives and memory cards.

  • Remote Services

    Remote services provides technical support to your computer(s) via the Internet.
    Contact me for more details on remote services.

  • Computer Network

    Do you have two or more computers that need to share data and/or an Internet connection? I can setup a network that fits your needs. Network can be wired, wireless or a combination of both.

Not responsible for loss of data resulting from any pre-existing software or hardware issues.